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The ordering process at Johnny Battle Embroidered Logos is easy peasy! We have designed a process that will get your products to you faster than our competitors without missing out on quality.


Step 1) Selecting Garments & Uploading Your Logo

Our website is designed to be user friendly. You can click on each category to see all the garments we have in each section. You can even choose sort by methods. Low budget? Sort by ‘Price, low to high.’ Want the most stylish threads? Sort by ‘Best Selling.’ Our drop down menus even allow you to select gender specific garments.

Once a garment catches your eye you can click on that garment and are able to choose from several colors and sizes. From the varying garment types, styles of garments, colors, and sizes the options are nearly endless!

Once you find a garment, or garments, that you believe will suit your logo like peanut butter goes with jelly, select a logo placement, upload your logo, and add the garments to your cart. It’s that simple! You can also add your logo at check out if you get carried away adding to your cart (we know that’s the fun part).

Make sure to add 6 garments if you are new customer to avoid the logo set up fee. Spending at least $200 will get you free shipping!


Step 2) Digitizing Your Logo

We will be notified just seconds after you click ‘Complete Order.’ Our team will cheer and begin the next step right away!

So what is digitizing? Digitizing is the process of transforming an image into a thread format that our sewing machine can read. This process will decided when thread color changes or cut off are needed. Because of this process, the image of your logo and the digitized version won’t look exactly the same but our digitizing master will do their very best to make sure the two are close.

Once the digitizer completes their part a sew, essentially a proof, out will be made to show you what your logo has turned into. One of team members will contact you via email with the digitized version of your logo and the thread colors used. Once we receive your approval the next step begins.

We rarely run into this, but if for whatever reason you just can’t approve the sew out, explain your issues with the digitized version and we will redo it for you until you are completely satisfied. We want you to LOVE your new garments which is why we ask your approval in the first place.


Step 3) Production

Once approval has been given our team jumps into action! Each garment is fitted with a backing layer (so the thread has something to hold onto) to our machine we call Thready, we call this process hooping, so the embroidery process can begin.

Thready can work on up to 6 garments at a time, meticulously weaving the thread in and out to create the perfectly embroidered logo. The machine will keep working until your order has been complete.


Step 4) Final Inspection

After Thready completes stitching on the garments they go to our inspection table. This step is all about quality control. Since Thready is a machine it doesn’t know that it can make a mess sometimes with thread, but Thready works hard for us so they are forgiven.

Each garment is thoroughly inspected by our team members to ensure that there isn’t any thread poking through the front of the logo, any long threads on the interior are trimmed down, and the backing is cut to size with minimal excess on the interior of the garment.

We always take the time to make sure the garments will come to you in the best condition so that you will love them!


Step 5) Packing & Shipping

Every box of goodies that leaves our warehouse has a few special gifts from us: a thank you card from the team member that got your garments through production, a Johnny Battle business card (a sew out of our logo), some Johnny Battle stickers, and a small bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. All of this is wrapped up with your garments in a box taped with our special bright green Johnny Battle tape.

We make an effort to ensure that all orders go out within 48 hours of approval, in fact it’s part of our business model! We recently got a 400 hat order and our team worked hard to get every single one through production, inspection, and packing in the 48 hour period after approval. We have a highly motivated team here at Johnny Battle that always puts the customer first.


Step 6) Receiving the Goods

This next step is likely to be your favorite part! You get a little bundle of joy in the mail and open it up like a long awaited Christmas present.

If you love your garments (and we know you will) maybe you will even consider leaving us a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.  :)




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