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Just returned from our industry trade show in Fort Worth, Texas.  It’s the place for anyone in the screen printing or embroidery business who wants to grow their business with customized business logos and apparel.  It’s a four day event with classes and hours of walking the trade show floors.  The classes are very focused on the technical aspects of the business.  I was most interested in embroidery on this trip so I immersed myself in all the technical aspects of the embroidery process.


I was super excited for the business and customer service classes because that is my passion, but was a bit disappointed.  As mentioned above, most of the classes are technical in nature and only a few basic business classes were offered…but that’s ok  as long as I can take away one executable item from a class…I would consider it a hit.  

The embroidery, screen printing and heat transfer industry is well and alive.  The technology is moving forward quickly which will give our customers the best looking logo on all kinds of cool functional garments.

I was reminded by the classes and the many vendors that our customers really want two things.  I’m sure there is more, but these two things are super important to them.  (Let me know your thoughts if you agree or not)  1.  A quality logo embroidered with perfection.  The logo needs to look tight, smooth and clean.  2.  Needs to be delivered when promised.  Simple but not always easy to do.  If a customer orders customized business apparel and needs it on a particular day for an event and you don’t have it ready for the event…it’s worthless.  It’s simple… customers just want you to keep your word.  I have always said that there is one trait I look for in my friends, employees, vendors and customers.  That trait is keeping your word.  Do you think it’s easy to find people who keep their word?  No way it tough.  So when you find someone or a company that continually keeps there word…hold on to them tight.  Because it’s rare.

Here are a few pictures from the show.  There is a couple of photos of some really cool embroidery machines, Barudan and Tajima sewing some customized caps.  I just get mesmerized watching these machines sew…It’s so awesome!  The other picture is a jacket back of a sugar skull embroidered with many thousands of stitches.  It was beautiful.  Enjoy!



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