The Method to our Madness

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Many people are curious about who Johnny Battle is, what our logo stands for and why our products have interesting names. This blog should answer all of those questions!


Where does the name Johnny Battle come from?

Johnny Battle as a brand was designed to be unique so we can easily stand out from our competitors. Johnny battle is essentially a metaphor for someone who works their ass off and always makes sure to do their best everyday. You are Johnny Battle if you and your company believe in hard work and always doing the right thing. You are Johnny Battle if you push yourself and go the extra mile to insure your business represents the ideals that you deem most important. Looking and feeling your best and living by that example. At Johnny Battle, we stay humble and hustle hard. 


What is your logo?

With a brand as uncommon as Johnny Battle, we needed an exceptional logo to match. Our logo resembles a bike chain with an iconic Mohawk on top. The chain aspect represents strength, perseverance and flexibility. Here at Johnny Battle we can conquer any order that is thrown our way, and we are happy to work with you to make sure your embroidered logo is exactly what you envisioned. We wanted to include the Spartan Mohawk in our logo's design because we strive to work as a team as efficiently as the Spartans did. There is a great quote from the movie 300 where the Spartans are explaining how their military formation works. In this quote, a Spartan warrior says "We work as an impenetrable unit. That is the source of our strength". We refer to our ourselves as the Johnny Battle Team because we work as a unit to get your items to you quickly. You will love how your embroidered logo looks on anything you order!


What is up with the product names?

Johnny Battle is proudly located in Littleton Colorado. We love our state (and if you are native to CO or have visited you probably understand why) and therefore we are proud to be a Colorado company. We pay tribute to our gorgeous and adventurous home by naming all of the products on our website after mountain bike trails and popular ski runs. Our owner has a passion for mountain biking, and the rest of us here love to ski/board, so our product names represent our passions outside of the workplace.

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  • You guys and gals rock!

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