Why An Embroidered Dad Hat Is Perfect For Father's Day

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Whether you love or hate them, embroidered dad hats are one of the most popular hats of this millennium. People aren't wearing plain hats either, embroidery is the style! That's because embroidery perfectly balances style and functionality. An embroidered hat is going to be the tried and true hat for many. 

So What Are Embroidered Dad Hats 

A dad hat is essentially the same thing as a baseball cap, just that the brim is slightly curved. The name is a little misleading though, a dad hat just refers to the style so they are unisex! 

Here's a perfect example of some famous figures rocking the dad hat. 

If They're Unisex Why Are They Perfect For Father's Day?

Custom embroidered dad caps are one of the perfect gifts for Father's day because they're functional, sentimental, and long-lasting. How else do you think they got their name? Dads love them!! 


An embroidered dad hat is the perfect article of clothing to showcase something you love! This is because they fit in perfectly during any casual scenario. If your father is passionate about something like his business, a sports team, or an organization then this is the gift for him. 


A custom embroidered dad hat with the logo he loves is better than any hand-written card. It shows you know what he truly cares about. Whenever he wears it, he will be reminded about how much you care. Whereas a one-use gift is sentimental until the memory fades.


We have a saying that embroidered hats tend to last up until you lose them. This is because the logo is stitched into the hat, making it part of the clothing. You can wash it if it gets dirty. Additionally, it's not going to rip or fade.

So, when you're driving down the highway with your windows open, that's when dad hats disappear. 

What Dad Hat To Choose

We have a variety of hats to choose from on our site but here are our top 3 embroidered dad hats. Click the hat to view its product page :)

Pinon - Brush Twill Low Profile - Port & Company
embroidered dad hat 
Moab Monster - Sandwich Bill with Striped Closure - Port Authority
Ridge Connector - Six-Panel Twill Hat - Port & Company

If you need any help choosing custom embroidered dad hats for Father's Day, give us a call at (800) 614-4312 or email us at info@johnnybattle.com :D


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