Ridge Connector - Port & Company® - Custom Embroidered Six-Panel Twill Hat (CP80)

  • $ 13.90

Colorado is a very unique state with interesting statistics that not many people know. First of all, Denver is known as the mile high city NOT because Marijuana is legal but because Denver's elevation is a mile above sea level. Colorado is also home to the world's tallest flat-top mountain which is known as Grand Mesa. Colorado is also the first and only state to ever turn down the Olympics with the 1976 Winter Olympics. The highest paved road in North America is the road to Mt. Evans which goes up to 14,258 ft. above sea level!

We want your company to have just as many impressive statistics as Colorado. Try putting your logo on our Ridge Connector hats and your company may become as legendary as Colorado! 

It's no wonder this is one of our best-selling caps. Buckram lining not only makes for easy embroidery, but also ensures a classic shape that lasts. Plus, this great cap is available for both young and young-at-heart.

  • Fabric: 100% cotton twill
  • Structure: Structured
  • Profile: Mid
  • Closure: Hook and loop

Price Includes Embroidery