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About Us

Enjoy The Battle!

What's up with the name Johnny Battle?  We get this question a lot.  Click here to read that story.

Johnny Battle was started because we like wearing cool clothes with our company's logo on them.  We're a group of serial entrepreneurs who love everything about business and helping others with their business.  Our entire team wears the embroidered apparel we sell every day.  By wearing, using, and testing the garments and embroidery we sell, magic happens.  Our team can recommend and advise you on the best performing garments for your specific needs because we use them ourselves.  

Time is precious.  It's important for us to shorten the time it takes to order and receive your embroidered apparel.  If you're like most people, you order these items when you really needed them 2 weeks ago.  We get it!  This is why we created a unique system to produce your embroidered logo within 48 hours after you approve the sew out sample. Now that's fast!  Our attention to speed and quality help us stand out as a growing leader in producing embroidered logos that enhance your business identity.

 We ARE Different On Purpose!

Having fun is a big priority to us along with our other core values:

  1. Fun With A Little Weirdness-We encourage our team and customers to have fun and let their weird side show off!  We appreciate everyone for who they are.
  2. Flash- Super Fast-We respond to the needs, questions, demands and orders of our team and customers quickly...always. Do it now!
  3. Be a HERO For Our Customers-A Super Hero!  Wonder twins activate!  Solve our customer’s problems fast as if they are in danger.  Make things easier for them and be the best solution for their embroidery needs.  When our customer is in a pinch, we can help save the day.
  4. Simplify-Always try and reduce everything to the simplest form.  Clean and organized is a priority.
  5. Do More With Less-Don’t waste money, resources or time.  Frugality with these resources is a high priority.
  6. Be Kind, Always-Even when the weather is not or your life is upside down.

We look forward to working with you, and welcome to our crazy business family.



Dream Big & Have FUN

John Erbert