About Us

Enjoy The Battle!

Johnny Battle is an idea, a representation of values that may resonate with you and your brand. We can all agree that the business world and even life in general is not always easy. It is this desire to overcome that pushes you to further heights, facing those challenges head on and growing from the experience.

Sound familiar? You and your company believe in hard work and always doing the right thing. You push yourself and go the extra mile to insure your business represents the ideals that you deem most important. Looking and feeling your best and living by that example.

At Johnny Battle, we stay humble and hustle hard. We encourage and believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and helping businesses grow. We want to be a part of your daily battle for success by helping you stand apart from the competition by turning your logo into stunning, professional embroidery that you will be excited to wear.

Remember: Every Logo Has a Story-Thread Yours.

 We ARE Different On Purpose!

Having fun is a big priority to us along with our other core values:

  1. Fun With A Little Weirdness- We encourage our team and customers to have fun and let their weird side show off!  We appreciate everyone for who they are.
  2. Super Fast- We respond to the needs, questions, demands and orders of our team and customers quickly...always. Do it now and do it well.
  3. Be a HERO For Our Customers- A Super Hero!  Solve our customer’s problems fast.  Make things easier for them and be the best solution for their embroidery needs.  When our customer are in a pinch, we can help save the day.
  4. Simplify- Always try and reduce everything to the simplest form.  Clean and purposeful is a priority.
  5. Do More With Less- Don’t waste money, resources or time.
  6. Be Kind, Always- Even when the pressure is on, or your life is upside down a smile and kind word can change the day.

We look forward to working with you, and welcome to our crazy business family.

P.S.  If you would like to know the story behind our logo, Click Here

Justin Mast