Contract Embroidery


Are You Looking For a Contract Embroider Who is Reliable and Has Fast Turn Around Times?

We don’t optimize for only speed and efficiencies, but for high quality embroidery.  To do this we run our embroidery machines slower, because we found that we can produce a higher quality logo at these speeds.  We also believe that the back of the logo should get just as much attention as the front.  Making sure that the back trims are close and straight is important to us and to your customers.  Here is a secret...If you ever want to judge an embroidery company, just check out the back of the logo and the story will start to unfold.

JohnnyBattle Stitch Factory has the latest Tajima high tech embroidery machines.  We use premium thread and the placement of your logos are spot on with our patented hoop master technology.  Above all that the most important piece is our machine operators with years of experience to make those split second decisions that enhance the quality and appearance the logo.

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