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What Is Up With Our Logo?




What do we stand for… and what does our name and logo represent?  If you look closely our logo has a resemblance of a spartan warrior and thick chains to represent the head and arm of this warrior.  The iconic army was first coined by the philosopher-Lycurgus.  In his famous quote of Sparta having a “wall of men instead of bricks”, he proposed to create a military focused lifestyle reformation in the Spartan society in accordance to proper virtues such as equality, austerity, strength, and fitness.

All of us will face challenges repeatedly in life.  An illness, divorce, a challenging mountain to climb, weight loss, an inner fight against drugs, the loss of someone you love, an epic mountain bike ride, bullying, marathon, etc…you get the point.  In life we need conflict and challenges, because it makes us stronger.  There is no way a kite can sore deep into the sky with out resistance.  That resistance allows us to grow and rise into the sky just like the kite. In most cases the odds are against us.  Even though the odds may be against us some of us insist or are sometimes force to take the challenge and fight for what we believe in. 

Johnny Battle is an idea…a fictional character that may represent you. You fight because your not like everyone else… especially if your an entrepreneur  and run your own business.  You care about doing the right thing and giving it your all, because you have to look yourself in the mirror everyday and like what you see.  You understand that what people think of you is none of your business.  You work your ass off and have an amazing work ethic, because that’s just the way it is for you.  Your the one who will always come out on top because you take full responsibility for your actions…Male or female you are Johnny Battle.    

When you start or run a business it’s always a challenge…and that’s a good thing.  We want to be part of the fight and help your company stand out from the competition with professional great looking uniforms.  We encourage and believe in all entrepreneurs.  Small and large businesses run our country.  Weather your a business owner or manager, we know you fight hard every day and we want to help…even if it’s in a small way.

Johnny Battle

Enjoy The Battle…