How Custom Embroidery Can Improve Your Employees Appearance

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Custom embroidery in the workplace is one of those little details that goes a long way. Your logo is sewn into the fabric of your outfit, it is a statement; a statement that says you care about your business's image. Whenever the job has you interacting with customers and other businesses on a daily basis, it is important to look your best. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but how often does the cover lie? 

Embroidered Logos Speak Volumes

If you think of a business as a book, the story as its product/service, and the cover as its marketing then it's employees are the writing style. If the writing style is poor, the book suffers, even if it has a great cover and story. The same is for a business, you can have a great product, fantastic marketing, but one negative employee and it ruins the customer experience. 

Unfortunately "Creating A Positive Work Culture Where Employees Can Flourish" is too long for this week's blog topic. Instead, we're just trying to make the point that embroidery improves the appearance of your employees. Improving your employee's appearance will in return, create a positive branding experience for the customer. 

Think about it this way, wouldn't it be weird to walk into a franchise and not see embroidered work-wear? It's the norm because it works, so why not use this strategy in your business?

What Types Of Apparel Works Best For Embroidery

We say all apparel above the waist works best for custom embroidery. Specifically, custom embroidered polo shirts are the best option. Polos are the classic go-to for workplaces because they're formal but still comfortable like a t-shirt. Additionally, jackets/vests are a great option for custom embroidered outerwear.

We generally get more hat orders than anything else because it's a simple embroidery solution that works for almost every outfit. You only need one hat, compared to multiple shirts to wear if you're working all week. Another great thing about custom logo hats is that employees tend to wear them outside the workplace. It's free branding at it's finest when that happens! 

If you're interested in getting your employees to wear their custom embroidered shirts outside of work, placing the logo on the sleeve is a great option. We've heard from multiple businesses and we've seen it ourselves; employees tend to wear their work clothes on the weekend if the logo isn't on the front. 

Another interesting thing we've seen is many businesses that work outside in the heat will purchase custom embroidered coolers or lunchboxes for their employees. This way it looks like it's part of the uniform and prevents anything less than spectacular your crew might bring. 

Why Custom Embroidery Is Better Than Screen Printing

First and foremost, embroidery lasts far longer than screen printing. That's why almost all sports apparel is embroidered compared to screen printed. You can wash it and the colors and material will look like it did originally. Screen printing fades over time, especially after multiple washes. 

Most people often assume that custom embroidery is expensive compared to screen printing. Technically, they're not wrong; it does cost a little more for embroidery as compared to screen printing. However, the costs are very comparable when you are looking for logo embroidery.

If you were to order bulk, screen printing would be significantly cheaper. Since the orders are generally smaller, the cost it takes to set up embroidery compared to screen printing is pretty similar. So, if you're ordering custom logo hats for your office of 100 people, maybe look into screen printing. If you're looking for a few hats and some shirts, then you've come to the right place. Let us know how we can help at 1 (800) 614-4313 or 

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