Embroidery Pricing Based on Thread Count is a Problem. Here's Why we Don't Do It!

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Using the thread count required to embroider your specific logo to determine pricing is a very common practice in the embroidery industry. When companies use this pricing method, they take a few things into consideration including profitability, time per item and thread. In doing so however, they really lose sight of customer satisfaction which is not a sustainable way to run a business. Here are some of the reasons why some other embroidery company is charging you based off of thread count and why we never will.


Thread Count Pricing: Why some companies do it:

Embroidery is a field that requires precision and clear communication with customers. We want to make sure your logo is nothing short of perfect before we embroider your items which can be quite a process. Once you have given us your logo and we send it in to be digitized, we will sew your logo on some fabric we have in house (this is known as a sew out) and email you an image. This way you can see how your logo looks once it has been translated into thread before it goes on an item you've already paid for. At this point, we communicate with customers to confirm the logo's size, thread color and logo in general. If your logo is not absolutely perfect we will make the necessary changes and then send you a new sew out for approval. As you can imagine this can sometimes be a very long process and we sometimes take time out of our schedule to tend to these issues instead of actually embroidering items. Here at Johnny Battle we prioritize our communication with our customers to ensure that every order we send out is exactly what the customer had envisioned. This communication is the most tedious part of the embroidery process, and the longer it takes us to complete the more money we potentially lose. To counter this some companies decide to charge you around $1 for every 1,000 stitches.


Why we don't use thread count to calculate your embroidery price:

There are a few problems with using the stitch count of your logo to determine your embroidery price. The first of these problems is trust between the company and its customers. We have heard horror stories of a customer who went to two different companies quoting their services on the same logo yet they received vastly different prices. This can be confusing and frustrating for the customer, which is very understandable as one company seems to be exaggerating the thread count in order to make more profit. This lack of trust and transparency can ruin the relationship a company has with its customers.


The biggest issue Johnny Battle has with using thread count to calculate a customer's price is that this method is massively detrimental to the quality of customer service, which includes embroidery quality and turnaround time. At Johnny Battle we emphasize our guarantee to only produce high quality work along with our quick turnaround policy. We only send out top notch embroidery and we promise that after your logo has been approved we will ship your order within 48 hours. As a customer, you want to feel like your order is a top priority to us and we work hard to ensure that you feel taken care of by us. Johnny Battle employees actually care about you, your company and your logo and that is why we use flat rate prices for all of our orders.

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