Puffy Foam with Embroidery

Posted by Johnny Battle on

Today we are going to talk about this magical thing we call puffy foam!

So what is it? 
Puffy foam is something we can use when embroidering a logo on a hat to give it a raised, 3D look. The puffy foam is about an eighth of an inch thick. That will give that puffed up look without adding too much extra material. It is awesome how that small amount of thickness really changes the look!
Prior to stitching, we will secure the puffy foam to the hat. The stitch will go through the puffy foam, then through that hat, and then the through the backing before being pulled back out. The embroidery machine will repeat this process until the logo is complete.
Once the stitching part is done, the rest is pretty easy. Just like the backing, the puffy foam can be pulled right off. The raised logo is all that will be left behind. 
The best part about the puffy foam is that it will help a logo stand out. Even the simplest of logos will really pop with this method!

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