Adjustable Embroidered Hats: What are the Options?

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So many choices for you to get the perfect embroidered hat.


  • Snapbacks
  • Fitted Hats
  • Stretch Fit hats
  • Buckle
  • Metal Clasp Buckle
  • Nylon Strap With Clasp


This one is pretty easy to make out.  It has plastic nubs that securely snap to a specific size and is very stable.  Many trucker style hats use this particular closure but it is less often found on hats that are full twill or other material.  They do make them so don’t worry if that what you are looking for.


Fitted Hats:

These are designed for a specific size according to your head measurement.  It is important that you know your hat size before you purchase any of these because they are sized within an ⅛ inch.  Basically meaning it won’t fit if you get one that is too small. These sizes look like this:

7, 7 ⅛, 7 ¼, 7 ⅜, 7 ½, 7 ⅝, 7 ¾, 7 ⅞, 8

Fitted Hat

Flexfit ®  - Stretch to fit:

This brand of hat offers a way to achieve the “Fitted Look” while not having to know your specific head size.  Flexfit ® uses a poly-weave spandex to ensure you get a superbly comfortable fit. Many of these hats come in 2 fit options:

S/M or L/XL.  Some hats also carry an extra M/L but those are usually a slightly different fitted option.  Like the Richardson ® R-Flex technology or New Era ® Stretch Fit.

Stretch to Fit


All of these closures have slightly different looks.  For example there are 3 primary Buckle closures.

  • Self-fabric hideaway strap with a metal D-ring slider
  • Self-fabric adjustable slide closure with buckle and grommet
  • Self-fabric adjustable slide.

It really comes down to the look you are trying to achieve.  Most of these hats will have a lower overall profile, meaning they are a good option for people who enjoy a more snug fit on their head.

Self-fabric adjustable slide

Self-fabric adjustable slide closure with buckle and grommet

Hook & Loop: (please DON’T say Velcro ®)

For reasons why you should check out this video, it is very funny.

At any rate, the hook and loop closure works with most hats and are good flexible option for fitting.  My only warning is that it can get caught on long hair at times.

Hook and Loop

Nylon Strap With Clasp:

This is not as common and almost always found on performance/sport hats.  The material of the hat will usually have moisture wick properties and be form fitting to the wearer.

Nylon Strap With Clasp


With the many ways to secure an embroidered hat to your head, you are guaranteed to find the best fit for your needs.  I would suggest always considering what your needs are for the product and then find the best fit for your purpose.

By Cannon Leatherwood

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