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Unless you’re near Douglas County, CO, you’re probably not going to find Johnny Battle Embroidered Logos when you search: “embroidery shops near me”. We get that not everybody might want to do business through the web and that’s okay. Nothing beats face to face interaction and having a personal relationship when you do business is the best. This is our last chance of asking you to maybe just give us a call and hear us out on what our online apparel embroidery can do compared to your local shop 😂  

There are four main factors when it comes to considering and embroidery shop near you vs online.

  • Product Quality
  • Embroidery Quality
  • Pricing
  • Customer Experience


Product Quality

If you’re searching for custom embroidery for an item you already own, a local embroidery shop is the best bet. We only do custom orders if customers bring in the materials they are looking to be embroidered.

In most cases, the customer doesn’t have the product yet so we offer a wide variety of clothing and accessories in our store. As I like to say, “Variety is the spice of life!” So, we make sure to have an assortment of styles, fabrics, and brands to choose from.

I know what you’re thinking though because I was thinking the same thing: “Well, I can’t try anything on the internet; what if I don’t like it?” We have a 365-day return policy so that way you never feel like you regretted buying anything with us!


Embroidery Quality

Another element most people forget is the embroidery quality. This is usually determined by the thread count in the embroidery. We have no limit on the number of stitches we use, so intricate logos are always looking their best. Here’s an example of some logos we embroidered. It is common practice for most embroidery places to charge for the number of stitches. However, at Johnny Battle, we don’t do thread pricing so that way there’s no issue if your logo takes a little more time.



At Johnny Battle, we have a very simple pricing structure to make it easier for our customers. All the pricing is included in the cost you see in our. This includes logo digitizing, embroidery, thread counts, and everything else. Another common practice for embroidery businesses is to have a minimum order size. For example, they will say they can only do a minimum order of 10 hats to get a price of $12.99. We don’t have a minimum order, we have a small order fee for when you order under 6 items. Meaning, you can mix and match up to 6 different products to get rid of that small order fee of $39.95.

If you haven’t realized by now, we’re not like the other businesses when you search “embroidery shops near me.” Another thing we do differently is our bulk ordering. Instead of offering a discount based off a certain quantity ordered, we offer a discount based off of how much you ordered. If you spend between $1K-$2.5K, you get 5% off your order; $2.5K-$5K, 7%; and over $5K is 10% off.


Customer Experience

There’s a lot of things a business to do for their customer experience. First and foremost, we try to make every customer’s experience positive and the same as another. Whether you want to give us a call, order over the phone, or maybe just send an email we are here to make it convenient for you. Continuously as we grow, we are dedicated to improving your experience. Most recently, we implemented a customer account application into our website so you can easily re-order instead of having to start over at square one. It’s just one of the minor things we do to improve your experience with us.

But more importantly, we’re here to make you happy by producing the best embroidery you can ask for. We even try to make it like Christmas morning when you receive your order, that’s why we include little goodies in every package. It might sound corny, but putting a smile on your face is what we’re trying to do!

When you’re on Google searching for “embroidery shops near me,” maybe consider using an online shop to get the best embroidery. We’re here to help with anything you might need, visit our popular questions blog or maybe give us a call at 1-800-614-4312 to talk about your next order!

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