How Much Does Custom Embroidery Cost and How Is It Priced?

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Custom Logo Embroidery Pricing

If you search the web for custom embroidery you will quickly find out that almost every company has their unique way of pricing apparel and embroidery services.  If your price shopping it becomes impossible to compare apples to apples because of the variables in pricing - plus it is a custom process. Not only will price range dramatically, but you have to sort out the quantity discounts associated with ordering.

Let’s Look At the Different Ways Embroidery companies price their services:

By Stitch Count

It’s common for embroidery shops to price by the number of stitches you have in your logo.  They will generally have a table price list where the price will increase as the stitch count of your logo increases.  How many stitches are in your logo you may ask? I bet you don’t know and the company doesn’t know either until they digitize your logo (digitizing is the process of converting your logo into thread).  The finished conversion will tell the embroidery machine how to sew your logo, what type of stitches to use etc…

When a company prices by stitch count you usually need to get a quote first so the embroidery shop can look at your logo, and get an estimate of how many stitches are in your logo.  This process takes some back and forth...and time. You are not able to see the price instantly and make a decision. Once the shop gets your logo they will give you a price to setup or digitize your logo which is a one time charge, a price to sew your logo on each item, and lastly a price for the garment or hat you want embroidered.  Sometimes the price you receive will be itemized and sometimes it would be lumped together.

One Price Per Piece

With this pricing method you will land on a website and may see a polo shirt you would like embroidered.  There will be one price that includes everything per piece. For example with one price per piece it will include; the garment, the sewing of the logo, and the setup or digitizing process.  There are no stitch counts to worry about and you know what your going to pay instantly. This type of pricing is simple and makes the process of ordering custom embroidery easy. It is also the fastest.

Setup and Minimum Fees

Check with the embroidery company and see if they have a minimum quantity that needs to be ordered or if they have any setup fees.  These are two common fees that embroidery companies often charge. Some shops will charge a setup fee to digitize your logo. Remember this is a one time fee to convert your logo into thread.

Many companies will have a minimum order requirement or will assess a fee for the items that don’t meet the minimum amount.  Another pricing strategy I have seen with regard to minimums is to encourage you to order at least 12 items to avoid the setup fee.  Really what they're telling you is our minimum is 12 items. Be careful when assessing these fees. They can sometimes be confusing to the consumer as the company will put their marketing spin on this language.  If you are ever in doubt, call, message or email the company for clarification. A good company will be more than happy to help you with these questions.


The most popular ways to price custom embroidery are by stitch count or simple one price per piece.  Both will get you the finished result you want, but with one price per piece you speed through the research and order process much faster.  Many companies don’t offer one price per piece, because they are always taking a risk on each order. If your logo is really big say 20,0000 stitches and they made an average price for the item using 5,000 stitches they could lose money on the the bigger logos.  This is why most want to price by stitch count so they know exactly how to price the job for profit. As a consumer I prefer one price per piece, because it is simple, fast and in a few seconds I can make a decision on what will be the best product with my logo on it.


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JohnnyBattle is online American custom embroidery manufacture based in Littleton Colorado that ships to and services the entire USA.  We have systematized a process of easy online ordering of custom apparel with super fast delivery times. Once you approve your logo we will sew and ship your items within 48 hours.  

We want to help you make the best custom embroidery decision for you and your business or organization.  To view and receive pricing on custom embroidered apparel, Click Here

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