Customization Takes Time... Or Does It?

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The world we live in is fast. Entrepreneurs are always coming up with new ways to save consumers time and impress them by giving them what they want as quickly as they possibly can. As a society we have grown accustomed to this lifestyle.

When was the last time, as a consumer, you were told to have a little patience? A statement like that may take you by surprise.

I have to wait for something? What?!

That is to be expected. Many of our competitors are backed up with orders for several weeks at a time. Due to the way custom embroidery works, there is a lot of waiting on both the embroidery side as well as the customer side. No two orders are the same so nothing can be ordered or prepared in advance. The waiting game can be drawn out even further when there are large orders with 100+ garments.

Then there are companies like Walmart and Amazon. Once an order has been placed from the website of these companies, the consumer gets a confirmation sent to their email, then a forklift sifts through shelves upon shelves of merchandise in a large warehouse. The requested items get packed up and in a few days you receive your goods in the mail, that fast pace we are all used to.

Here at Johnny Battle we do things a bit differently than both our competitors and big shipping and receiving companies like Amazon. We specialize in orders that are on the smaller side. This allows us create custom embroidery that ships out as fast as Amazon orders. We are essentially the best of both worlds!

When placing an order through us customers upload their desired logo into the website which gives us a head start to getting everything started. If we receive an order during normal business hours we can get the logo digitized in 24 hours or less.

We create a sew out sample and a proof is then sent back to the customer stating thread color, size, and logo placement. Once we get confirmation of approval we start stitching right away and upon completion the order is packaged with a few special touches from us and shipped out. Once sent the packages should be received within 2 days, keeping us in the fast lane with the rest of the world!



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