Where Should I Place my Logo?

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Hey Johnny Battle fans, come check out our vlog! This video gives you an in depth look at the most common places we place your logo when embroidering. This video explains how we choose to assemble your logo on the item to make it look as professional as possible.


Today we're going to be explaining how we put all of those logos on all of our garments. These are not all of the items that we sell on our website, but if you are local here in Colorado, you are welcome to come and try on a polo, a jacket, a hat if you do so choose.

We are going to look at placing your logo on a polo. This is a men's polo. When we're looking at where we're going to place our logo on the men's polo, we look up to where the collar hits the seam here. We want this point to be dead center of your logo so that it looks all centered and good when you're wearing the shirt. For men, you need to come down from this point about six and half to seven inches. That depends on the shape of your logo. If it is more of a round or more of a horizontal logo, it all kind of varies.

Once we've come down the right amount of inches, we look to the button. Not on this side or that side, just dead center in the button. From the button, we go four to five inches over. That will place the logo in a very centered and professional looking location.

We're moving to a women's polo. They're very similar but a little bit different. We want to meet up back where the collar meets the seam, and we come down about five to six inches. Then we come over here to the buttons, just like we did on the men's polo, and from the button it should be about four to five inches over as well. Just like in the men's, but we like to have it a little bit higher up on the polo for women's shirts.

When you're placing a logo on the sleeve of a polo, if it's a short sleeve at least, we look to the seam here. We go an inch and a half above, and dead center with the seam from up top here. That is where we would place our logo.

When you're placing a regular long sleeve logo location, instead of coming from the bottom, we look to the top. From the seam up here down it would be about four inches. For a button down shirt, as this is, we place the logo very similar to how we would on a polo. For a women's button down shirt, which this is a men's, we would look about five to six inches down from where the collar meets the seam and about four to five inches over from the button. This has a pocked, and so, keeping that in mind, we also like to keep at least an inch between your logo and the pocket so that there's no interference there.

When it comes to t-shirts you can either place it where you would on a polo, or we like putting our logos two inches from the collar and just dead center on that shirt to get a nice, simple looking shirt.

The last location for a t-shirt or polo is on the yoke. That's the term for the back of the shirt up by where your neck is. We would place this about four inches down from the seam. When it's a polo, you would do four inches down from where the collar hits the back of the shirt so that there isn't interference there.

Moving onto hats, there are different locations that you can choose from. There, of course, is the dead center on the hat, which is very common. You can also get two different locations on the same hat. You could have your favorite logo on the front here but also want something else you want to say on the side. We will happy embroider on the side of your hat. That being said, the last location it could be besides the front and the side is the back right up dead center there.


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