Where are we going with our Blog Posts?

Posted by Johnny Battle on

We starting posting blogs, because we were told that it would help with our SEO (search engine optimization) which I’m sure it does. Today I thought to myself that posting blogs could be more fun and exciting than always trying to talk about embroidery and screen printing all the time. Anyway who goes to a company’s website and reads the blog post. I bet the amount of folks who do is very small.

Here is my grand idea…I going to start posting some cool photos and hopefully photos you find interesting as a way to give back or offer our customers and visitors something for free that is not about selling anything, just pleasure for your enjoyment. So in the upcoming days, weeks and months I will be sharing my passion of photography and videos on the site for your viewing pleasure and hopefully help you will get to know me, our team and the brand of Johnny Battle which is really about adventure. The adventure of travel, business, and life. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think

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