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The overall impression that is made with a well-groomed employee in a formal shirt can be priceless for many businesses. There are several types of formal shirts readily available for numerous occasions. The most common formal shirt is a white shirt paired with a black tuxedo. This shirt usually has a winged collar and shirt studs, in place of buttons. This is worn to a black-tie or formal event. There are several other types of formal shirts that are suitable for everyday wear. They range in colors and styles and are commonly referred to as dress shirts.
A formal shirt can provide your business a sense of professionalism and pride in your company image. Employees feel dignified and carry themselves in an appealing manner that reflects the company’s standards. There have been several studies that prove uniforms increase the productivity of your workforce. Some people may argue uniforms are only practical for the service industry or for the average blue collar worker, but many professional companies in the business world feel that implementing a uniform policy has been extremely beneficial for them.
There are several formal dress shirts that are easy to embroider with your company logo. They are available in a wide variety of styles for both men and women. Employers can reap the benefits of customized shirts by increasing company branding and advertising. The employee becomes a walking advertisement for the company each time they put on the customized shirt. They often visit the grocery store, their child’s school, or even a sporting event after work, so they become a walking billboard from the company wearing a customized formal shirt. This could easily spark up a conversation that generates company interest and revenue.  
Providing uniforms is a cost effective way for your employees to save money on business apparel. It creates unity and equality throughout your staff. This puts everyone on an even playing field, regardless of their position in the company.  It removes jealousy and tension which can spring up based off of social and economic class. The sense of pressure and competition to dress in high end brands and follow fashion trends is completely removed. Uniforms also remove the threat of inappropriate work attire.  Logoed business apparel creates convenience for the employee because they do not have to stress over what to wear to work every day. Customized shirts provide common ground for everyone to grow and flourish in the working environment.
Formal shirts can be made with several fabric types and are often blended or weaved together. The most common material used for dress shirts is cotton. This material is very versatile and has varying degrees of quality and softness. Consumers should not be concerned about the shirt label and rely on the touch and feel of the dress shirt. Formal shirts are usually worn for 8 or more hours throughout the day and should be comfortable on the skin. In general, the smoother and softer the fabric feels will reflect the overall quality of the shirt.
Another choice in fabric for dress shirts is a cotton/polyester blend. While this fabric might not produce a crisp soft, and smooth product like its counterpart, cotton shirts, it provides the consumer with a more wrinkle free finish that does not require ironing. If you find yourself in temperatures around or above the 90’s the consumer will want to be aware that synthetic fibers and fabrics can cause irritation and itching in these temperatures.
Formal shirt have been a staple in our wardrobes for a number of years. When an individual wears this fashion staple they feel more elegant in appearance and tend to carry themselves in a more dignified manner. With this being said it is easy to understand a company’s itch to require employees to dress in this style. Customized formal shirts are a driving force in many industries to provide classy uniforms for their employees to wear. These shirts are readily available in numerous styles for both men and women. The investment a company makes in customization will bring an abundance of benefits for the employee, as well as the company for many years to come.

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