Embroidery on Caps or Hats. So many types of caps...How do I choose?

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Hello today and welcome to Johnny Battle. I'm John, and today I want to talk to you about hats and caps and all kinds of things you can put on your head. I want to start out with talking about the different types of hats that are available. We have a few different types of hats, and they have different clasps in the back of the hat, as far as the way they fasten to the back of your head. For example, this is a classic, what we call kind of a trucker's hat. It has a fabric front with some netting on the back. This hat, as you can see, has a snap back. That's one of the ways you can attach it to the back of your head. Another type of hat that's also popular, and this is also a trucker's hat, this is a Velcro back, and you use the Velcro just to put it on the back of your head and get the right fit on your head there.

Another type of hat is what we call the flex fit. This is a flex fit hat. This has kind of an elastic inner side to it so you can put it on your head. This hat comes in different sizes. It comes in a small, medium, large and extra-large. That way you can get the right hat for your head. If you have a big head we have big hats, if you have a little head we have little hats. This is more of what we call a fitted hat.

There's also another type of hat. This is also what we would call a fitted hat. It doesn't have as much as an elastic inner body, but it does have no clasp in the back. You can see that here too.

Those are the different types of clasping systems we have. A lot of times if you're buying hats for your company, people like to buy either the snap back like this here, or the Velcro back, because when you're buying hats for your employees or a team member, or an event, you don't know what size everyone's head is, so this is nice because you can go ahead and-, the customer that you're giving it to, or your employees, can adjust this hat to what they're looking for. This is a very popular option.

When you're embroidering a hat nowadays, we have a lot of options of where you can put your logo. Obviously one of the most common places you can put your logo is the front, which is still done, but also on the front we can also do what we call a right or left panel. As you can see on this hat, this logo is on the left panel. We can also put it on the right panel. Nowadays a lot of our customers are putting it off center on the front of the hat. Here's another example. This hat in particular is what we call a cool mesh hat. It's great for working outdoors because it's mostly poly, it dries real easy. You can see we have the logo here on the left panel also there.

Another type of hat that we have is what we call the distressed look hat. Yes, believe it or not, people want jacked up hats on their head. This hat, as you can see, looks like it's been worn for about three years, but it's brand new. This is really popular. It's called a distressed hat. You can see, with this particular hat, the logo is in its most common place, front and center.

Again, like I said, you can put the logo on the sides of the hat. This is an example of where we can do the side, and put the logo right on the side. We can also embroider the front of the hat like this there. On this hat here in particular, where is it, this 360, this is very popular. We can put a piece of your logo, or even the full logo, on the back of your hat. On this particular hat, this is a flex fit, so that can go right on the back here. If you have a adjustable hat like this here, it's hard to put it right here because you have an opening of where the Velcro is, but a lot of times we can put it right on top of that there. There's an option to put your logo not he back of the hat there.

It's really cool to have it on the front and on the back. It does a lot of extra branding for your company, and a lot of times people that are walking behind you would probably say, "Huh. What's that? I wonder what that guy does?" They see the front of the hat, and this is a sign company, Image 360. They're like, "Oh yeah, they do signs." You can strike up a conversation that way. Obviously, as you know me, if you've seen some of my videos so far, my favorite color is black. I have a lot of black hats here. Obviously hats come in all different sizes. Again, here's an example of a logo front and center, and then their full logo on the side. Sometimes it's really cool to take a piece of your logo, and put it somewhere on the hat, and then put the full logo somewhere else on the hat there.

Another cool thing we've been doing with embroidery is, some people like a little reserved look on their hat. They don't want to be shouting their logo in your face, so this is an example, and this might be hard to see, but this is an example of a logo that's on a black hat with black thread. You can really only see it if you get up close. People can look at it and say, "What do you do?" It's just a faint description of your logo. This is really cool also, to do it this way. This is very popular too.

There's all kinds of hats and caps that you can embroider for your business. There's tons of choices to choose from. You can also check out our website at Johnnybattle.com. There's tons of hats there. You can always call us at anytime, because we're hap

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