Why Custom Embroidered Hats Are Better Than Screen Printed Hats

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There's a reason why you see embroidered hats almost anywhere and screen printed hats at the Jersey Shore boardwalk. That's because embroidery is the significantly better apparel option. Embroidered hats are durable, timelessly stylish, and affordable. Screen printed hats are the cheap knockoff to embroidery. 


One of the most important factors when purchasing a new hat is how long it will last. There aren't too many people that buy hats to use two weekends out of the year. If you are one of those people, a screen printed hat is fine for you. The logos screen printed on these hats will fade and peel within weeks of regular use. When it comes to an embroidered logo, there's a good chance the hat itself will be damaged before the logo is. However, there's a much higher chance that you will lose your hat before it ever starts to degrade. 


Screen Printed Hats

The beginning stated how you're most likely to find screen printed hats around the Jersey Shore and that's because they're cheap to produce and they're simple. The only unique thing about them is you can blast them with colors and designs more than you can with an embroidered hat. The result is something that looks a little tacky like this:

Custom Embroidered Hats

Embroidered hats have been around for the greater part of a century. Custom embroidery can be done on any hat for any setting. Whether it's a business logo or a baseball team, custom embroidered hats look the best. There is something special about a logo stitched into the hat's fabric that screen printing can never replicate. 



Screen printed hats are certainly cheaper than embroidered apparel if you were to browse a store only selling hats. However, when it comes to ordering custom apparel, the prices are fairly similar between embroidery and screen printing when ordering small quantities. This is because the setup time for both methods is about the same. So, if you are ordering 7 hats for your crew, it's going to take about the same time for embroidery as it would for screen printing. The price difference only becomes apparent when you are ordering bulk. So, if you're ordering 70 hats, screen printing will be significantly faster and cheaper compared to embroidery. 

If you compare durability and the timeless style that embroidered hats offer compared to screen printed hats, the extra cost for an embroidered hat is certainly worth it. You can wash an embroidered hat every month, for probably 5 years before you would have to replace it. I mean, I've had the same custom embroidered hat since I was 7, I'm pretty sure they last. 

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