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The holidays are almost here! This signifies the cold weather is fast approaching and it’s time to go through the closets to retire short sleeve t-shirts and tank tops for the season and pull out warmer clothes. Whether you run a business or manage a family it’s important to keep everyone comfortable, warm, and looking sharp in their long sleeve t-shirts.  

We all know how important it is for both a business and the consumer that a company presents itself in a professional manner. The biggest step in achieving this goal can be as simple as having employees wear a uniform. During this time of year it’s difficult to display your company’s logo when most employees are covering up their uniform t-shirt with a jacket or hoodie. The best way to combat this is to get your company’s logo embroidered or silk screened onto a full sleeve t-shirt. This keeps the employee comfortable and still gives the company a professional branded look.

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We are coming into a time where embroidery and especially screen printing is not just for uniforms anymore. At almost every mall there is a shop or kiosk that can screen print almost anything of your choosing onto a t-shirt. These retailers make it so simple to customize gifts for your friends and family by adding their favorite band, character, or sports team onto a full sleeve t-shirt. The options are endless with mixing different colors, materials, and pictures creating a truly one of a kind product.

For both businesses and personal wear there are many different types of material to choose from. 100% cotton is always popular and a great choice, but what about those who are constantly on the move and may get too hot in a long sleeve t-shirt? Don’t worry and don’t revert back to summer clothes! Wearing a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend will keep you warm when needed but won’t hold as much perspiration as 100% cotton. For runners and employees doing manual labor, a 100% polyester may be the way to go. A high quality 100% polyester long sleeve t-shirt often comes with side vents and will release heat and perspiration.

The boring plain full sleeve t-shirt is now a thing of the past so it’s time to embrace the future of clothing and uniforms and customize your winter attire. With all the different colors to choose from you can match each long sleeve t-shirt to your family member’s or employee’s specific personality. There’s no limit on creating a professional or fashionable look for your company or family so have fun with it!

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