Should Your Employees Wear Uniforms?

Posted by Johnny Battle on

 I recently did some remolding at my home and hired a few different contractors to perform the many services needed for my remodel.  Only 1 person came to my home wearing a logo'ed professional shirt.  The others looked like they just woke up and dress with no consideration for the day.  One contractor came over in his shorts and flip flops.  Right away I judged the visitors...within the first 30 second’s I decided whether they were going to do a quality job or not by the way they looked.  I thought if they can't dress nice they probably can’t make my house look nice.  I know that's not fair, but we all do it even when know better.  A logo'ed uniform, hat or shirt makes a huge difference.  I'm convinced due to my remodeling experience that these contractors would win more jobs if they just only looked more professional when they came to give their bid.

 That's it!  Simple.  Well what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.  I suppose that's why these contractors did not have a uniform, plus they felt it wasn't important.  I asked some of the contractors why they didn't have at least a logo'ed shirt...and they said "I don't like wearing that type of stuff...  I prefer this shirt because I like kick boxing, hence the kick boxing shirt."  As business owners we have to remember that on the job or during the sales call we don't dress for ourselves, we dress for the customer.  It's all about the customer.  Next time you visit a customer ask yourself if you look like the person your customer wants to see and the message your sending with your appearance.  Yes!!! You and your employees should wear uniforms

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