The Difference Between a Lower End Polo Shirt and a Higher End Polo Shirt

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Polo Shirt's- The Difference

Hello and welcome to the embroidery library today. I don't know if you can see, but my dog is down here also as well. I wanted to tell you and explain the difference between a low end polo shirt, and a higher end polo shirt. There's nothing wrong with a lower end polo shirt. In fact, it allows people to get into the polo game with a lower entry cost, but I'll give you an example. This would be a shirt, still a nice shirt, but this is a lower end polo. How you can tell is that there's no seam down the side. A nicer polo shirt is going to have a seam sewn all the way down the side here. If the polo shirt doesn't have that side seem, it's pretty much a T shirt with a collar. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with that, it's just a little lower end polo shirt.

Here's another shirt, black, my favorite color. This shirt, as you can see, has a little nicer finish.

The way it's sewn, the seams are a little bit different. The collar's a little bit more sturdier. If you look down the side here, I know it's very hard to see, but trust me, there is a seam that runs all the way down the side of the shirt there. That's signifies that the shirt is put together differently and it wears a little better on you.  A lot of nicer, higher end shirts have this little cut on the bottom too there. That's a good way to tell whether you're getting a lower end, or a higher end polo shirt. Until next time, I'm Johnny Battle with Thanks for joining me. See ya'.

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